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Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, J. David Googe, MD grew up knowing he wanted to be a doctor. As a young, talented athlete, Googe was initially introduced to Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana as a patient. In the early1990’s, Googe was a Captain Shreve High School quarterback when he injured his knee and founding OSL partner, David Waddell, MD, performed an ACL reconstruction. Dealing with his sports related injuries and his love of medicine led him down a path to an orthopedic residency at The University of Oklahoma and dual fellowships in sports medicine and total joint reconstruction.

Dr. Googe is known for his empathetic and hands-on approach to patient care. Googe says, “Most sports related injuries /surgeries do not occur in young, high school athletes – most of them are really healthy and don’t get hurt. Most sports related injuries/ surgeries occur in middle aged people, like me who think they are in high school and spend a lot of time playing sports and not enough time stretching and getting ready to play sports. We see everything from shoulder dislocations and ACL reconstructions, that we also see in young athletes, but we also see arthritic changes that are preventing the aging population from continuing to participate.” Dr. Googe believes one of the advantages of treating patients in his community is being from the Ark-La-Tex and allowing for knowledge of the patients’ reference points… “why they think the things they do, why they don’t think the things they don’t.” He believes an open line of communication between patient and doctor is critical. Googe says, “If your bones are sticking out of your skin, I am happy to hear your thoughts, but you have to have surgery; otherwise, the rest of this is elective. So, it becomes a question of, how afraid of you are having a procedure versus how afraid of you of living without a procedure.”

Dr. Googe and his wife, Jennifer, met in college at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. They are the proud parents of five children ranging in age from 5 years old to 19 years old. He serves as an elder in his church and is an avid tennis player. His proudest accomplishment is the relationships he has developed with local high school athletes and coaches – enthusiastically donating his time and resources to their health and achievement.

Training and Affiliations

Googe’s Training

● Sports medicine fellowship: Lake Tahoe Orthopedic Institute (Complex Surgery of the Shoulder and Knee)
● Adult reconstruction fellowship: McBride Orthopedic Clinic and VA Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Primary and Revision Reconstruction of the Hip, Knee and Shoulder)
● Associate Team Physician, United States Ski Team
● Associate Team Physician, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University
● Residency: University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
● Medical School: LSU Health-Shreveport, Shreveport, Louisiana
● Undergrad: Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Googe’s Team

Julie Boutwell, MA
Medical Assistant

Julie began her work with Specialists Hospital Shreveport in 2016 and began working with Gr. Googes team in 2021. Julie has been happily married for 7 years and she and her husband are the proud parents to two adorable young girls. She loves all things LSU sports and a great day at the lake or beach.

Clay Morgan, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Clay has been working alongside Dr. Googe for over 12 years. He assists both in the clinic and the OR. He has been happily for over 15 years and he and his wife are the proud parents to 2 sons and a daughter. Clay is a huge LSU fan and loves hunting, fishing and boating.

Kristen Brezina, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Kristen has worked alongside Dr. Googe for the last 51/2 years, She assists him in the clinic and the OR. Kristen has been happily married for 9 years and she and her husband are the proud parents to two young boys that are full of energy and fun- they keep their mama and daddy running and laughing!

Googe’s Pre-Op Guide

1) When and where is my Pre-op Appointment?

Typically, your pre-op appointments are made (3) weeks prior to your surgery. An OSL patient representative will call you to confirm your pre-op appointment. Your pre-op appointment will take place at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana located at 1500 Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana.

2) How long will my pre-op appointments take and may I bring a loved one with me?

Please allow for 2- 4 hours for your pre-op appointments. We strongly encourage a loved one to come with you to help assimilate all of the information.

3) What should I bring to my pre-op appointment? Do I need to fast? What should I wear?

Please bring your photo ID and insurance information. You may also want to bring a book or tablet. You will have some blood work completed, but you do not have to fast prior to your blood work…. Feel free to bring some snacks and water. We also have a snack shop, if you would like to purchase on site. Wear loose fitting clothing and you may want to bring a sweatshirt or sweater with you… the clinic and hospital run a bit on the chilly side.

4) Why do I have to fill out registration paperwork for the hospital, when I just filled out paperwork in the clinic?

The clinic and hospital maintain separate and different medical record systems; thus, you must complete all necessary forms for the hospital and clinic separately. Please visit the Specialists Hospital Shreveport website to pre-register for your surgery

Your Pre-Op Appointment Schedule:

1. CT Scan @ OSL, Suite 100

When you first arrive for your pre-op appointment, you will check in at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana, 1500 Line Avenue, Suite 100 to have your pre-operative CT scan. The CT scan should only take about 20 minutes.

2. Clinic H & P with Googe @ OSL, Suite 100

You will meet with one of the Googe team members during your pre-op visit. They will complete a brief history and physical and answer any questions regarding your upcoming surgery.

3. Labs & Bloodwork @ SHS, Suite 202

You will go to the Specialists pre-Admit/ Lab (Suite 202) for blood work and pre-admit testing. You do not have to fast for your blood work. To expedite your visit, visit and click the icon at the top right of the page to register for surgery.

A note about exercising prior to your surgery…

We know it may be difficult to exercise before surgery- BUT, it is still a good idea to get in “the exercise” mindset. Try to set aside at least 15-30 minutes a day to exercise and work on strengthening techniques. Setting aside this time will help you prepare for your recovery following your surgery. We recommend that you visit the American Association of Hip & Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) for some preoperative exercises and guidelines and/ or videos:

Googe’s Post-Op Guide

1) Keep Moving… Exercise!

Dedicate at least 20-30 minutes a day to exercise.  You can break this up into shorter time intervals throughout the day. The inpatient physical therapy team will send you home with some recommendations for exercises.  You can also visit the American Association of Hip and knee Surgeons for exercise booklets and videos:

2) Showering

You can shower immediately once home. No tub baths for at least (4) weeks following your surgery.

3) Incision/ Dressing

The Zip Closure (Zipline) that is over your incision may get wet but must not be submerged in water. You will remove this dressing 3-4 weeks after surgery.  We will discuss how easily to remove your dressing at your (2) week post-op clinic visit.  To learn more about the Zip Closure and its benefits, visit:

4) Drainage and incision

You may have light, clear tinged fluid that drains from your incision site. This drainage is normal and should resolve in a couple of days. If the drainage does not subside, call the clinic: (866) 759.9679

5) Swelling / Elevation / Stockings

If swelling is under control, you may remove your white stockings once you are at home. If swelling persists wearing your compression stockings while elevating the leg will help.

You may experience warmth on or around the incision site, mild swelling and run a low-grade fever post op. If the symptoms do not improve with Tylenol, Motrin and with elevation or if your temperature exceeds 101.5 degrees, contact the clinic: (866) 759.9679.

You may have swelling from the groin area to your toes for several weeks post-op. If swelling is slow to progress and subsides with elevation, continue to follow swelling precautions. If swelling is rapid onset or associated with shortness of breath, immediately call the clinic or 911.

6) Medications/ Pain Management/ Side Affects

You are required to take a blood thinner after surgery.  Typically, we prescribe a low dose of aspirin (81 mg) to be taken twice daily for a month post-op, unless we advise differently,

All pain medications are prescribed as needed. It is important to stay ahead of your pain, while still taking the lowest effective dose to control the pain.

Nausea and constipation are common side affects of narcotics.  For constipation, we recommend increasing your water intake (before and after surgery).  We also recommend taking a stool softener daily while taking pain medications. You can also use a laxative (MiraLAX) per the directions on the product label.

7) Length of Hospital Stay

Most patients will spend one night in the hospital and go home the day following their surgery.  Have a loved one available to assist you for at least one week after your surgery.  Living alone does not qualify you for inpatient rehab.

8) Driving

You may drive as soon as you are off all narcotics and are able to safely transition from gas to brake. We recommend testing this in an uncrowded parking lot prior to driving on the roads.

(3) Things to Know about Googe…

The biggest heart in orthopedics….

1. He is a youth leader at Norris Ferry Community Church. Dr. Googe has a strong faith and has been a youth leader at Norris Ferry Community Church for over fourteen years. When the youth group started the group consisted of Dr. Googe, a young man and a young girl. Today that youth group has over 100 youths participating and that original boy just graduated medical school and the Googe family just hosted a wedding shower for the original young lady.

2. He loves high school basketball. Dr. Googe is a huge supporter of youth athletics in Shreveport-Bossier. For many years he has conducted all the annual physicals for the Bossier HIgh School Bearkats girls/boys basketball teams and sat proudly in the stands as he watched the Bearkats win several championships. He also sits on the sidelines at all of his kids’ sporting events as a proud papa and stand-in doc.

3. He is dual fellowship trained in both Total Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine. Googe is a lifelong athlete and so his affinity towards sports medicine was a natural transition. He also really enjoys communicating with the older patient population which led him to also pursue additional training in total joint replacement.

Googe’s Approach to Care

“Keeping an open line of communication and really listening to what the patient wants to achieve is essential… Hearing the patient and giving them options are the keys to creating a successful outcome together.”