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J. Marshall Haynie, MD, joined Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana in 2016 and in that brief time has established himself as a highly approachable and skilled surgeon. Dr Haynie specializes in lower extremity/ foot and ankle, including total ankle replacement. When in college, Dr. Haynie originally set out to study mechanical engineering, but was soon drawn to the mechanics of orthopedics, combining his interests in medicine and engineering. In his orthopedic residency, he had a particularly enjoyable experience with the foot and ankle program at OU. Haynie says, “Foot and ankle are extremely broad…you get to do all sorts of different things. In other specialties, you are doing the same thing over and over again, but in foot and ankle, you get to do lots of different surgeries and get to be very specialized about one part of the body.”

In the clinic, Dr. Haynie treats all ages, all activity levels and everything musculoskeletal from the head to toe. He encourages patients to seek treatment sooner versus later. Haynie says,” You’re not burning any bridges by coming to see the doctor. If you come in and you’re hurting and have an ailment and I tell you the best possible way to fix it is surgery and you don’t want it, you don’t have to have surgery. You get to decide. You get to decide what happens to you, but at least we can tell you what is going on and explain what your options are. Most of the time it is an easy fix. I am often surprised when patients have been struggling with pain for a long time and we can treat them by offering a relatively easy fix. They always wish they had come in a lot sooner.”

Dr. Haynie and his wife, Dr. Amanda Haynie, (Pediatrician, Mid City Pediatrics) are both busy with their growing medical practices and raising their beautiful family. The Doctors Haynie are the proud parents of four children: two sons and two daughters. When time allows, Dr. Haynie enjoys restoring old jeeps, fishing, and hunting.

Training and Affiliations

Haynie’s Training

● Fellowship: University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
● Residency: University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
● Medical School: LSU-Health Shreveport, Shreveport, Louisiana
● Undergrad: Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

Patient Forms

Haynie’s Team

Brandi Edmiston
Medical Assistant

Brandi joined Dr. Haynie’s team as his medical assistant in August 2023. Previously, Brandi was a lead for the OSL scheduling team.

Anna Beth Brown, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Anna Beth began working with Dr. Haynie in October 2021, shortly after graduating from LSU Health Science Center – Shreveport with Masters of Physician Assistant studies in August 2021. She married her best friend, Dustin, in September 2021.

(3) Things to Know about Dr. Haynie…

The Haynie Way…a love of family and medicine.

1. Is there a Haynie in the house? When you hear the name Haynie in the Ark-La-Tex, you usually think physician? dentist? J. Marshall Haynie, MD comes from a long family line of amazing medical professionals. Dr. Haynie’s father, G. Michael Haynie, MD is one of the founding partners at both Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana and Specialists Hospital Shreveport, The father and son worked side by side until G. Michael Haynie retired in 2020. Dr. Haynie’s grandfather, Dr. William Haynie, Sr. founded Mid City Pediatrics in 1981.

2. He thought he might be a lawyer. Dr. Haynie attended Loyola College Prep here in Shreveport and he left high school to go to Texas Christian University thinking he was going to pursue a law degree. He was less than a semester in when he realized that he wanted to pursue medicine.

3. He wants patients to come sooner versus later. Haynie says. “You’re never going to burn any bridges by coming to the doctor… I’m always surprised how many patients have been dealing with pain for a long time and when they finally come in to see me, it often is a really easy fix.”

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