Atchison’s Team

Annaka Schiller, MA- Medical Assistant

Annaka has been part of the OSL team since 2000 and been a part of Dr. Atchison’s team since 2010. Annaka is the glue that holds Team Atchison together… she is involved the initial patient intake and will schedule all patient surgeries and manage all patient communications before and after surgery. Annaka has been happily married for over 25 years and she and her husband are proud parents to Micheal, A Caddo Sheriff Deputy and daughter-in-law, Julie.

Trey Harold, PA-C- Physician Assistant

Trey has been working alongside Dr. Atchison and his team in the OR and clinic since 2009. Trey is a United States Veteran serving our country as 19D Calvary Scout in the US Army from 2001-2008. Trey and his wife, Brittany, are proud parents to two daughters and a son.

Lindsay Carter, NP-C -Nurse Practitioner

Lindsay has been part of the SHS family since 2013 and joined Dr. Atchison’s team in 2013. Lindsay conducts all pre-op visits with Dr. Atchison’s patients and helps to prepare them for their upcoming surgery. Lindsay and her husband, Barry, are the proud parents a son and fraternal twins.