Those who helped us build…

“We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.”

Ultimately, Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana started with a group of orthopedic surgeons who wanted to build their own path to success. Founding partner, David Waddell, MD, remembers that in the late 1970’s, his partners were some of the first orthopedic surgeons that were investing in creating a team of dedicated orthopedic surgeons that were also subspecialized in orthopedics and were fellowship trained. Today OSL has (10) fellowship trained surgeons. In December 2021, the last of the founding partners, Marion Milstead, MD retired. Prior to him, Jim Lillich, MD retired in July 2021; G. Michael Haynie, MD in December 2020; Lewis Jones, MD and David Waddell, MD retired in March of 2017. These founding partners are a major part of who we are today… you can’t walk through the clinic or SHS, and not know that they were there and they made all the difference.

Lewis Jones, MD

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana
Specialists Hospital Shreveport
Chief of Staff

Where is Dr. Jones today?

Dr. Jones and his wife, Ginger, still reside in Shreveport, Louisiana and enjoy time with their three daughters and grandchildren. Dr. Jones is an avid golfer and you will still see him regularly out on the course.

David Waddell, MD

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana
Specialists Hospital Shreveport
President, Board of Managers

Where is Dr. Waddell today?

Dr. Waddell and his wife, Sharon, still reside in Shreveport. Dr. Waddell built an amazing art studio for his very talented wife where she creates incredible masterpieces that often capture the wildlife and beauty of their travels. They have a wonderfully big family and they love spending time together and looking for the next big family adventure.

G. Michael Haynie, MD

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana
Specialists Hospital Shreveport

Where is Dr. Haynie today?

Dr. Haynie and his wife, Sam, still reside in Shreveport. They love time at the lake and Dr. Haynie will “geaux fish” whenever he can. He might also pop in and check on his son, Dr. Marshall Haynie, at OSL from time to time, too.

James Lillich, MD

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana
Specialists Hospital Shreveport

Where is Dr. Lillich today?

Jim Lillich, MD and his wife, Sherrie still reside in Shreveport. Although Dr. Lillich retired, Mrs. Lillich continued her part-time position at SHS in the materials department. The Lillichs enjoy time with their family which is growing… They have two sons and a daughter and five grandchildren. They love time at the beach and their very active roles as grandparents.

Marion Milstead, MD

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana
Specialists Hospital Shreveport

Where is Dr. Milstead today?

Dr. Milstead and his wife, Janice, still reside in Shreveport. Dr. Milstead is an avid hunter and loves the outdoors. He and his wife are active in their community and church.