Fracture / Trauma

What is a fracture

A fracture can happen suddenly to anyone. Accidents or injuries can lead to a serious bone fracture. It is important to know that there is a whole team of orthopedic specialists ready to offer complex, comprehensive fracture care for trauma-related injuries Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana

A bone fracture is a condition in which the bone is cracked or broken. This can result from a fall, trauma or as a result of a medical condition like osteoporosis or arthritis. If you have a broken bone, you will likely experience swelling around the injury, bruising, and pain or tenderness around the area. The injured body part may also look somewhat out of place or bent, depending on the severity of the break.–conditions/fractures-broken-bones/

Fracture Care at OSL

All (10) of our physicians will treat a fracture and are highly trained to do so. We try our best to accommodate same day appointments for fracture care; however, you may need to visit a hospital or urgent care depending on the severity of the fracture. Please call and check with our scheduling team as to whether we can assist you in our clinic (866) 759.9679

If you visit an urgent care or emergency room prior to being seen at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana, please bring any imaging (i.e., x-rays) to your appointment.

If we are able to treat you for your fracture in the clinic, do plan on having some x-rays and other possible imaging so we may make the best diagnosis and create the best course of treatment. If surgery is necessary, we will schedule accordingly. Typically our patients will follow up as necessary until healed; most often follow care will last at least 3 months.

In most cases, we are able to dispense durable medical equipment section on-site that you may need to manage your fracture. Our highly skilled DME specialists will take precise measurements to ensure you are fitted properly.

* Coverage may vary with insurance.